Week of October 3rd:

Hello parents,

Spelling words for the week have been posted. Please try to download the Remind app to your device, tablet, or phone to receive texts/emails about classroom info and news. Thank you!

Weekend SAR Homework: SAR

Hi 4th graders,

Follow the rubric in the back of your Daily 5/RR journal. Use the Cameron example as a guide of how to complete a Short Answer Response for the following question.

What is the problem in the story that you are reading? Describe the problem using details and examples from the text. You must have all the parts of the SAR to get full credit.

High 5 Paragraphs

4th Graders, to write a High-5 Paragraph you need to make sure your paragraph includes the following parts:

  1. A topic sentence that tells the main idea
  2. Supporting Detail #1-explains the main idea more
  3. Supporting Detail #2-explains the main idea more
  4. Supporting Detail #3-explains the main idea more
  5. Closing Sentence-restates topic sentence/wraps up the paragraph


Whenever I think about summer, the first thing that pops in my head is barbecuing. Barbecuing is my absolute favorite summer activity. Just the thought of that mouth watering smell makes me want to light up the grill. When it comes to barbecuing, ribs are my specialty. In fact, I have my own secret recipe that I use. My family always asks me to make them whenever we plan to barbecue. Every time we have a barbecue my whole family is there. We enjoy delicious food and each other’s company. Spending time barbecuing with my family is my favorite summer activity.

Hello new school year!

Welcome to a new school year! The 2016-2017 school year starts this week and I, for one, am so excited to be teaching 4th grade this year. We have a packed agenda this week and the students will be really focusing on the skills that they need to show to make our classroom a positive, safe, and fun place to be every day! One of the first things we will be talking about is “mindfulness”…ask your children what this means tomorrow. See you tomorrow families!