News Update

Hello parents and students. Spelling words have been updated on the blog and on spelling city. Students may use spelling city (same log in as study island) to practice spelling words using games and activities. These are great for building spelling fluency and preparing for the test! I paid for this membership and can track how often the students are using it and I want them to get the most out of this resource!

Our focus this week is on non-fiction/informational text. We will be doing a lot of work with a historical non-fiction text this week that they will probably have homework on throughout the week. In math, we are working on adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers fluently using the standard (traditional) algorithm. This is the method we grew up using. We will using this algorithm to solve story problems as well.

This week I will be out on Tuesday for 2 hours and all day Thursday and Friday as I will be a chaperone on the Washington DC trip. Mr. Sute (our pre-student teacher) is familiar with all the procedures and routines that will help our classroom run smoothly in my absence.

Please do not hesitate to email me during the week with any concerns or questions you have. Last but not least, PLEASE ensure you are all monitoring your child during active screen time. Whether they are on your phone, a tablet, or a computer…be sure they are close to you at this time. The internet makes EVERYTHING easy to do, good and bad, and it’s critical we are mindful of this during screen time.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Mrs. Faraj