Hello parents! I hope a few of you were able to make it out to Yogurtopia tonight for our Geer Park fundraiser. I found some dolphins there…we had ice cream together.


A few things to keep in mind:

  1. I have conducted DRA assessments, NWEA in the four subject areas, and administered the 6 + 1 writing prompt for all students. I will be holding a Data Meeting for my parents only (not all of 4th) within the next few weeks.
  2. Now that assessments are over, small grouping will begin in math and english/language arts. Homework will become more consistent and require more effort. Encourage your children to do their best work and go above and beyond on all assignments.
  3. The students have a big week of testing ahead: they have a unit test in Science on Monday, a unit test in Math on Friday, and a quiz on Relative Pronouns/Relative Adverbs on Friday as well. Please ensure they are keeping up with homework because it will enable them to have extra practice for these assessments. I do review homework everyday.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Good luck to all of our students playing sports or who have games this weekend.