Fine/Visual Motor

Letter and number formation worksheets

Fine Motor Activities

  • Roll dough with a rolling pin
  • Squeeze objects (i.e. glue bottle) with both hands
  • Build with building blocks
  • Trace shapes patterns on paper, in shaving cream, in sand, etc.
  • Tear lettuce into pieces to make a salad
  • Spread icing on cookies, cakes, etc.
  • Peel stickers off surfaces
  • Peel fruit (lemons, oranges etc)
  • Turn keys in a lock
  • Deal cards
  • Use tongs to pick up small objects
  • Spin Tops
  • Play with wind-up toys
  • Tear paper for art projects
  • Build with small blocks
  • Pick up small objects with fingers and place into containers (beans, cereal, corn kernels)
  • Place coins into a bank or small slit in a lid.
  • Pop bubbles on bubble wrap
  • Use small rubber stamps to create a picture
  • String beads to make a necklace
  • Pinch clothespins (laundry, games etc)
  • Press cookie cutters into dough or putty
  • Screw and unscrew small lids, nuts or bolts
  • Fold paper (i.e. origami, airplanes etc)
  • Hold a handful of marbles, transferring one at a time into a container
  • Draw shapes and write words in a variety of mediums (shaving cream, sand, finger paint, hair gel etc).
  • Play board games with small pieces to manipulate
  • Use fingers to sprinkle toppings on food (sprinkles, shredded cheese).
  • Squeeze putty
  • Squeeze juice from a lemon or orange
  • Squeeze a spray bottle (water plants, clean windows)
  • Stir batter in a bowl
  • Staple papers together with a small stapler
  • Use a hole punch to make dots or creative shapes

Scissor Skills

  • Cut straws into small pieces and string to make a necklace
  • Cut play dough/putty/clay
  • Cut shapes out of foam
  • Cut pictures from magazines or cereal boxes
  • Cut coupons from the  newspaper
  • Students learn scissor skills in this development sequence: random snipping → controlled snipping → cutting straight lines → cutting curved lines → cutting simple shapes. Start with thick paper (construction paper, foam, etc is easier when learning to cut) 

Visual Perception 

  • Copy patterns/pictures using shapes, pegs etc.
  • Put together models (Legos)
  • Dot-to-dots connect the dots
  • Mazes
  • Hidden picture searches
  • Put puzzles together

Spring Fine Motor Activities

Mother’s Day Butterfly Card

Paper Bag Haircut

Spring Handwriting Practice

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