Daily Living Skills

Encourage Independence with Self Care

  • Putting on shoes or sandals
  • Buttoning, snapping, zipping clothing fasteners
  • Dressing and Undressing
  • Washing hands
  • Blowing nose
  • Brushing hair and teeth
  • Making their own bowl of cereal, sandwich, etc.

Shoe Laces, Buttons, and Zippers

Clothing fasteners can be tricky for children who have difficulties grasping, using both hands together in a coordinated way, and following step by step instructions. Below is a video from Super Simple Play that teaches children how to fasten buttons, zip a zipper, and tie shoes.

If your child is easily frustrated by fasteners, complete all the steps of fastening for your child except the final step. Then let your child complete the final step so that your child feels successful in completing the fastener. When they master the final step, allow your child to try the last two steps, then the last three steps, etc., until they are able to complete all the steps independently. This process of breaking down the steps of an activity and teaching them in the reverse order is called backwards chaining.

To make fasteners more fun, dress up stuffed animals with your own shoes, coats, and button up clothing and practice the fasteners on the animals!

Video by Super Simple Play teaching how to tie shoes

How To Wash Your Hands story https://docs.google.com/document/d/17imMRLFE3vqRdOWNho92VSjBQY9g4AaKDZSvSn66zTE/edit?usp=sharing

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