Spring Handwriting Practice

This activity is for students who are working on writing letters with correct form/size and landing letters on the line during OT. Practice writing spring words or sentences on lined paper. Letters should land on the line–don’t let them float above or below! If your child needs help with spelling, write the word on another piece of paper (modeling landing letters on the line) and then let your child copy the word. Click the following link for lined paper and picture prompts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MV0BKfI72ERxXbkMHkjzLXZp5r3zQO7HpEd5BwBvDJA/edit?usp=sharing

Writing Self Check: Did you…

  • Form letters correctly?
  • Land letters between the lines?
  • Land letters on the line?
  • Begin sentences with capital letters?
  • Put a period at the end of sentences?
  • Leave spaces between words?
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