Gardening: A Therapeutic Activity

Gardens are great calming spaces for children. Gardening is therapeutic for the following reasons (and more):

  • Calming sensory space for learning, playing, relaxing
  • Develop fine motor/gross motor skills while planting/maintaining garden
  • Learn about responsibility/job tasks (watering the garden, weeding garden)¬†
  • Social bonding with family members through gardening
  • Provides healthy food¬†
  • Develop appreciation for nature
  • Opportunity for artistic exploration

Sensory gardens are spaces that stimulate the senses (touch, see, hear, smell, taste). You can create your own sensory garden at home, or go to a garden at a park, to learn about the senses. To learn about creating your own sensory garden, click on the following link:

Ms. Erin creating a sensory garden in her backyard.
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