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Appearing in BBBs today!!

I will be in BBBs today with Ms. Hojeij at 3:15 and with Ms. Mc at 4:00. Office hours on Friday by request. Please E-mail at

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BBB Sessions and Office Hours

Hello All

BBB sessions for math start on Tuesday at 4:00. Office hours are Wednesday at 2:00. Please send an email if you are stuck. Additional BBB sessions for math on Thursday and ELA BBB on Thursday as well. Please check your classroom for additional details.

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Math BBB on Tuesday! Office Hours on Wednesday

Hi all!!

There will be a BBB Ilearn meeting for Math on systems of equations on Tuesdsay at 4:00. I will hold office hours on Wednesday 2:00-2:45 for Math and 2:45 until 3:30 for ELA. Thursday at 2:00 will be ELA BBB for chapter’s five and six of the Outsiders. Testing Accommodations for those who qualify on Friday. Have a great week everyone!!!

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