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Ready Book

Ready book Independent pages will be due on Monday at the end of class

For core 1 and 2, the rate of change sheet will be due but not for core 3.

Green Sheets for lesson 7 will be due on Monday for all core classes

As well, please e-mail me if you wish to book early morning or after school tutoring sessions before the test on Tuesday.

Best of Luck!!!


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Lesson 7: Compare Functions

Hi All


Lesson 7 Quiz will be on Tuesday before break.  Study guides are on Google Classroom and were given out in class on Friday.  Please e-mail me at if you have any questions.  IXL is due today.  You may hand it in late for reduced credit.  As well, green homework packets will also be due in their entirety by Monday.  If you have lost yours, you may get another copy on Google Classroom.  Best of Luck!!!




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Greetings and salutations

Hello All!!!

Just a reminder that 480 Khan Academy minutes have to be completed by Friday in order to earn A level credit.

Remember to log in using Clever!!!

I’ll be here at 7:00am if you would like to book an appointment to finish.



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Practice Test



The practice tests is up on Google classroom if you need some sample questions to study for the final


Best of luck to all!!!


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Two Way Frequency Data

Hi all


The two way frequency data table is due on May 29th.  You can upload any project portions on Google Classroom.  Send me a message through Classroom if you have any concerns.

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Volume Poster



Here is the example that we used from class to create your volume poster.  Remember that if we use yours to decorate the classroom you will receive a bonus.  If you would like to use a word problem for your worked example, that could be beneficial.


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New Units

Hi All

We are moving to geometry with volume of cylinders and cones.  Please see me if you would like to set up a morning appointment to go over formulas.



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Midterm is tomorrow 1/24/2018.  Please fill in your study guide if you haven’t already

I will be here at 7:00am on the 24th for those of you that want to ask questions.


Best of Luck


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