gatsby slide

This link below gets you to the template.

Log in on school email.

Copy and paste link.

Copy and paste slide into your own presentation.

Now you can create your own slide using the template.

When you are done, screen shot the slide and send to


Great Gatsby Video Sparknotes

Here is a link to video Sparknotes for the novel.  It is very general.  It gives an overview, not a complete summary.  You still need to read the book to do well on the quizzes and the writing, but this can be of real help.


Grammar and Punctuation Practice

This is the chompchomp exercises link.  You can do grammar practice for the exam on it. Go to the Exercises on the site.  Print handouts for at least 6 exercises of your choosing.  Do more for extra credit. Complete the exercise directly on the exercise sheet.  Correct your work using the interactive exercise for the handout.




SAT Practice Exam

Here is a link to a pdf of an SAT practice exam.  Print and complete the Reading Test.  You have already completed the Writing Test. Circle the answers on the printed test.  Then correct your own test according to the correction guide that is also attached.  Due when you return from break.

You will find the test at this address:


You will find the answers with explanations at this address:


Do not worry about your score.  Simply see it as practice.  You will hand in the practice tests with your answers and the correct answers for those you missed circled on the same test when you return on Monday.