1st Oakman Registration form- Summer schhool

  • Posted on May 3, 2021 at 2:52 pm

Oakman Summer Academic & Enrichment program 

Registration Form 2021 (in Person)

The program includes both academic and enrichment/innovative activities for students.  

Students failing two or more classes in any core courses must be part of the program-we are eliminating the course recovery program for this year.  

Oakman Elementary SchoolDaysDatesTimes (select one from the two options) Length of day 
Grade in 2020-2021: 1st GradeMonday-Thursday6/23-8/139 am- 2 pm  9 am-5 pm 

Parental Consent Form Please complete and return By May 7.  (this can be sent with students)

Child’s Name_______________________________________________________ Birthdate ______________

Address______________________________________ City _____________________ Zip Code__________ 

CONTACT Primary Contact Parent/Guardian should be the individual filling out this form.

Primary Contact Parent/Guardian___________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________  E-mail _______________________________

Cell Phone _______________________________ Home/office phone _______________________________

Additional Contact Information (Individual who may be contacted in the event parent/guardians listed above can’t be reached.) 

Name _______________________________________________Relationship: _________________________ Home Phone _________________________________Cell:________________________________________

List of other individuals allowed to pick up your child from the school. Anyone picking up your child will be asked to show a photo ID before your child will be allowed to leave with them. 

__________________________________________________ Relationship___________________________ 

__________________________________________________ Relationship___________________________ 

Does the student have an IEP ___ Yes  ___ No

Does the student have a 504 plan  ___ Yes  ___ No

Consent Statement: As the parent/guardian, I certify that my child has my permission to participate in the Oakman Summer Academic and Enrichment program. I understand that photographs and videos may be taken to document activities. I give my permission for photographs and/or videos to be taken of my child during the camp to be used for educational and/or promotional materials for the program. I will follow district and school procedures regarding health screening of my child prior to sending to school.

I understand that I will be notified should a health emergency arise. 

If I cannot be reached by telephone, I authorize whatever medical treatment is deemed necessary by medical personnel. My child has the following known medical conditions: 



My child takes the following medications: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My child is allergic to: ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Other concerns/conditions of which we should be aware: ________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________________ Date ___________

For online registration, scan the code.

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