Hightouch Hightech visited our classroom today!! Students were engaged the whole time and had a great hands-on learning experiment!! Thank you to our school for allowing our students to have this great opportunity to be SCIENTIST and to be able to bring the real world into our classroom!!





Mrs. JupiterJ introduces herself to the class and discusses all the experiments students will be experimenting!!


Mrs.Jupiter J explains how lava is made.


And the learning experiment begins with LAVA!

Students witness a live mini volcano erupt!

Dana cant keep her eyes off the erupting volcano!



Students search for GEMS!! They were so excited!!!

Malak rolls up his sleeve and is ready to search for GEMS!!

The struggle is real!!! But they got this!!

Search, search and search……

Still going….

Lots of GEMS were found!!!

Lots of GEMS were found!!

Students classified the GEMS they dug out.

Students classified the GEMS they dug out.

Students classified the GEMS they dug out.

Abeer had a great time with this experiment!!

Slim Time!! Zahraa LOVED this experiment and knows how to make this slim at home!!

Mix, stir and stir!!!

Everyone had a great time!!!

Walied couldn’t keep his eyes off his slime!!

Raghad shows off her finished product! She did great!!

Thank you to Mrs.Jupiter J!! The students had a wonderful time!!!