Carbon cycle quiz

We have been working on the cycling of carbon.  Students examined a diagram showing the processes involved in the cycle, read 2 passages, and completed a personal dictionary for the concept. The quiz will consist of fill in the blanks, labelling of the carbon cycle, and multiple choice questions. Focus on the  following terms and their definitions:

Cellular respiration        Decomposition       Carbon cycle  

Fossil fuels    Photosynthesis Carbon


This week, we learned about the carbon cycle and the impact of human activities on it.  Students have 2 pieces of reading along with a visual to read for understanding. Please practice reading and study the Need to know words along with each lesson summaries.

Reading Homework due Monday:

  1. Formation of Fossil Fuels P: 25 in your interactive notebook.
  2. study all the Need to know words with their definitions.


energy flow in an ecosystem project

Energy Flow directions an rubric:


  1. Define all the terms and give examples of organisms found in the ecosystem assigned to you.
  • Producer
  • Primary consumer
  • Secondary consumer
  • Tertiary consumer
  1. Cut out the cards and label them as 1 , 2, 3, 4
  2. Arrange the organisms in energy pyramid.
  3. Create a food web using all 6 organisms.
  4. List at least 3 food chains.
  5. Write neatly and be creative

Energy Flow Rubric

4                       3 2 1
vocabulary Most accurate One error 2 or less More than 3
Energy pyramid Most accurate using labels of all organisms in the ecosystem. explain in details 10% rule Accurate with few errors.  10% rule is explained

Some errors trophic levels are not accurate.

mention of 10% rule but not accurate

most  trophic level are not accurate

.10% rule is not mentioned.

Food web Accurately connecting all food chains possible. Connecting most of food chains possible Connecting few food chains possible. No evidence of a food web.  Only food chain is shown.
presentation Very creative  design of foldable, neat handwriting, and colorful. Neat handwriting but not colorful Few mess, handwriting can be read but not neat, no color. Messy and hard to understand


Cycling of matter test Nov 16

Reminder:Tomorrow is late start, school starts at 8: 15.

Tomorrow: Wednesday Nov 16:   The test includes matching, Drawing and labeling, and short answers.  

  1. How do animals depend on each other for energy? Photosynthesis
  2. Compare and contrast nitrogen and carbon cycle. (Double bubble map)
  3. How do humans affect the carbon cycle or the nitrogen cycle? State 3 at least Cycles: Cause and effect map.
  4. Describe how nitrogen is recycled (Nitrogen flow map)
  5. Vocab flip books. ( Matching)
  6. Draw and label a simple food web to show the carbon and nitrogen cycle using these words: producer, consumer,decomposer, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, denitrification, respiration.


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Cycling of matter

We are working on cycling of the non-living parts of matter.  The focus on the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle and how carbon and nitrogen exist in the free form and how it is built to form organic molecules essential to support organisms in the ecosystem. Here are essential questions

guiding question 1: what 2 processes drive the carbon cycle? 

guiding question 2: what role does the nitrogen cycle play to maintain balance in an ecosystem?

 Cut out sentences activitycarbon-cycle