The most essential components of the success of students is the community that surrounds them. As a community partner with the students of Edsel Ford High School, you can be a key part of student success in our school and in your community.

Community partnerships are a great way for business people, skilled workers, and organizational members to genuinely pour into the lives of the community’s youth — the future of our community and of your workforce. In fact, it is likely that you, yourself, have many people who have poured into you and helped you along the way.

We would love for you to partner with us, the students of Edsel Ford High School. Be a mentor, a career fair speaker, host an internship, or simply be available to answer questions about careers in your field. This is your chance to give back, pay things forward, and benefit the youth of our community. Become a partner today.

On our homepage at, click the button that says “Partner with us” and join us in our journey to our greatest goals!

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