Our Site Numbers

How to reach your teacher or Kids Club Provider:

DuVall                       Preschool                             827-2763

                                  Kids Club                             827-2759

Haigh                        Kids Club                              827-6209


Howard                    Kids Club                              827-6363

Howe                        Montessori Preschool          827-7686

                                  Kids Club                             402-6755

Lindbergh                   Kids Club                            827-6310

                                   Half Day Preschool              827-7630

                                   Scholars Preschool               827-7630

Long                          Scholars Preschool             827-6113 (not currently running) 

                                  Kids Club                             827-6148 (not currently running) 

Snow                         All Day Preschool                 827-6260

                                  Kids Club                             827-6261(6260)

Whitmore-Bolles       Kids Club                             827-6808

5 thoughts on “Our Site Numbers

  1. If you have a question or concern first approach your Lead Childcare Provider at the site. If you do not reach a resolution then try the manager of your site.
    Haigh, Howard, DuVall: manager is at Haigh Corry Smith, Jr.
    Whitmore-Bolles, Howe, Lindbergh: Donita Johnson
    Snow: Pat Zander
    If you cannot reach a resolution by all means please call our supervisor, Stephanie Stover, at the main office. We want your questions, concerns answered quickly and efficiently.

    • You can change your child’s schedule once a month by obtaining a “Change of Schedule Form” at the site where your child attends. See the site on this page. You can call and ask to have a change of schedule put in your child’s back pack. For a change of schedule for the month of November your change must be in October 19th.

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