School Age Child Care During Remote Learning

Contact Information for Tuition Based Child Care during Remote Learning

Please contact the Early Childhood Programs office at 313-827-8350 if you need Tuition Based All Day Child Care during Remote Learning. We do require a minimum of 2 days per week. This will not necessarily be at your child’s home school because we must use space where we already hold a state license. If there is no answer please leave your name and number and your email address.

The Early Childhood Programs plans to offer School Age Child Care for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Spots will be offered on a limited basis based on child care staff and availability. This program will be offered during Remote Learning only. 

Tuition Based Preschool Programs

Our Tuition Based Preschool Programs will not operate during Remote Learning but will return when the district returns for Face to Face instruction. Please return to this blog for updates on our Preschool Programs. Our ALL DAY  PRESCHOOL classroom at Snow will continue to operate because it also serves as child care for working families from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Safety Protocols at our Programs

Safety for our students and staff is a priority at all times in our programs. We follow the LARA and CDC recommendations for Entry and Exit. For that reason parents will not be entering classroom spaces or if they must in the case of some cafeteria spaces, they will stay 15 to 20 feet away from students and staff. 

Clean and used pens will be kept separate from one another so that families always have a sanitized pen for signing in and out. Parents will answer Health Questions for their children and take temperatures before entering the classroom each day. Temperatures will also be taken before lunch. Children’s health will be monitored throughout the day. 

Cleaning and sanitizing schedules and protocols are followed daily within our programs. The guidelines followed are those recommended by LARA. 

Pricing for the School Age Child Care Program : This program is only offered at select sites during Remote Learning. The program is intended for children in Young 5’s through 5th grade. The cost is $36/day for the first child for 8 hours of care, $38/day for 9 hours of care, $40/day for over 9 hours of care. There is also a Half Day option for $18 per day for 4 hours. There is a 10% sibling discount. Dearborn Public School Students will receive breakfast and lunch. There are discounted rates for weekly use.

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Our programs cover the paid preschool programs and school age before and after school programs here in the district. We support the community by offering early learning opportunities to 3 and 4 year olds in 2 and 3 hour sessions in our Little and Mini Scholar sessions as well as 3 hour sessions 5 days a week through the Montessori method. We also offer All Day Preschool at two schools for that extended day. And we offer Half Day Preschool four hours a day for 3 to 5 days a week. School aged children can join us in Kids Club where we offer an opportunity for skill building, teamwork, constructive play, arts and crafts and an opportunity to do homework. Students also benefit from the CATCH program through our partnership with Beaumont Hospital. During the summer months we offer Summer Adventure Camp/Club for children 3-12 yrs of age in our community. It is not necessary to be a Dearborn resident or a Dearborn Public School student to participate in our Summer Adventure Program. Call 313-827-8350 for information on any of our programs.

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