Wednesday, April 28

Can you believe we’ve made it halfway through the alphabet already? Yesterday we learned about the letter N (Nyle Noodle). If you can practice letter sounds at home, that would be wonderful. Just showing your child what your mouth looks like as you say different letters is helpful, especially as you are able to do this without a mask on. I know a couple kids were having trouble hearing the subtle difference between M and N when I said them with my mask on. Any practice will help! I also wanted to share two other things we did today. The first is a picture of three students using teamwork to put together our alphabet train puzzle. Each child in the class came over to the puzzle in groups of two or three and completed the puzzle with me. We worked on letter recognition, sounds, and beginning letter sound. The last picture shows what we did in circle time. We talked about how green is a secondary color and you create it by mixing yellow and blue. I then drew a venn diagram (ignore my horrible circles, it’s tough drawing them in an elongated rectangle), gave each child a colored letter and had them come up to the board one at a time to decide where their letter should go. They did a great job with this and with counting how many letters were in each color area and which color had the most/least. Whew!! We learned a lot yesterday!

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