Color Unit Lesson Plans

Next week we begin our color unit, starting with our primary colors. If you remember about a month ago, I told you the children would have color homework. We would like the children to look for pictures in magazines, ads, and newspapers that represent the color of the day. So for Monday, each child should bring in a picture for each of the following colors: yellow, red, and blue. After that, your child should bring in a picture or two of each of the colors of the day. Please make sure to let your child find and cut out the pictures. Put the pictures into a ziplock back labeled with your child’s name. We will send home the bag in the folder everyday so that you can put the next day’s color in the bag. Here is the list of colors for the following days:

April 28: Green

April 30: Orange

May 3: Purple

May 5: Black and White

May 7: Pink

May 10: Brown

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you so much.

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