Alphafriends and Assessment Info

Here are several Alphafriends that we’ve recently learned about. I try to post them daily but many days, I take off my teacher hat and jump right back into being a mom as soon as I get home. I know many of you can relate. It’s not easy working and being a stay at home parent at the same time! I do want to say though, you all seem to excel at it. Mrs. Lackey and I have seen so much growth in all our students. We have sat one on one with almost all the students and assessed their uppercase letter knowledge. We are trying to teach as much as we can about letters, numbers, shapes and colors before mid May. After Ramadan, we will be sitting one on one with each child to assess their overall academic readiness. The goal will be for Mrs. Lackey and I to assess one child each a day then have a very brief conference with you at pick up so you are able see the assessment and address any questions or concerns with us at that time. If you aren’t at pick up, we will meet with you at the next drop off or we can arrange a time to talk.

K was today. See if your child remembers the secret K word (the word is “knee” and it’s a secret K because it doesn’t make a sound). If they don’t remember, it’s ok. It’s more important that they remember the letter of the day.

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