Spelling Words

Every week your child will have 12 spelling words 7 of them following a pattern or rule and 5 of them content words from Math, Science, Social Studies or Language Arts. On Friday they will also be given 3 cold words on the spelling test which follow that weeks rule or pattern. Some students may have a modified or different spelling list. please check their spelling notebooks every week. 


Spelling Pattern:words that end in -al

  1. total
  2. vocal
  3. royal
  4. rival
  5. verbal
  6. casual
  7. mutual
  8. illegal
  9. unusual
  10. natural
  11. fraction
  12. numerator
  13. denominator

Weekly Spelling Homework:

Monday: Sailboats & Get previous weeks Spelling test signed 
Tuesday: 5 times each
Wednesday: Write a sentence with the spelling words.
Thursday: Write a story or poem using at least 5 of the words.