March 13-20th

Due to the sudden closure of schools, we are recommending parents check blogs weekly teachers will be updating them every Monday. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at I will check it daily and respond within 24 hours. 

Week of March 16th-20

Reading: READING ASSIGNMENT IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM TIES INTO THE TEACHER ASSIGNED LESSON ON I-ready. Please continue to complete 45 minutes a week on I-ready. I have assigned two lessons to all of you. Completing these two lessons will give you the needed minutes, the goal is to pass the lessons at 85%. March is reading month tickets will still be passed out when schools resumes in April. 

Math: MATH REVIEW ASSIGNMENT ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Zearn lessons should be completed to lesson 13. 

Science: Please click on the link to Readworks. Our class code is S5PE3A. Sign in password Is 1234 and select your name. Please complete the reading passage titled “How Glaciers Changed The world” and answer the questions. 

Writing: THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ALREADY SET UP IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Define these words on a notebook sheet or Google doc. Then create 15 new sentences using the vocabulary in your own words. 

1- main idea
2- meaning 


5- opening 

6- opinion 

7- opposite

8- order of events 

9- organize

10- paragraph

11- equation 

12- whole number

13- prime 

14- composite

15- factor

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