Dec 06

Book Fair Notice

Several items that are being purchased at the book fair that are not books have become a large distraction in the classroom. I have asked the students for the past two days to have these items put away and now have to inform you that if they are seen in the classroom again they will be taken away and held until the end of the year.

Sep 21

5th Grade detention

Today your child came home with a letter informing you of the fifth grade teams agreement to hold detention for those students struggling with adhering to our Core Values.  The letter can be read in full below:

Dear Parents,

PBIS is our school-wide behavioral management system and is based on students adherence to the district’s Core Values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect for self and others, and citizenship. Monthly PBIS Reward for students requires no student  have more than 7 card flips  a month.  To minimize disruption to the learning process, the 5th grade team has decided to hold detention every Thursday after school from 3:45 until 4:45 p.m for students not adhering to the Core Values or disrupting the learning process.

Students who flip their behavior card three (3) times in the week will be required to stay in detention the following Thursday.  Students who have missing assignments during the week will also be required to stay in detention and complete missing school work the following Thursday.  Parents will be responsible to pick their child up at 4:45 p.m. promptly at the front of the building.


If your child is expected to stay in detention, he/she will receive a letter indicating the date and reason of detention on the Friday before detention.  Parents must sign and return the letter on Monday morning, confirming acknowledgment of the detention.

The 5th Grade Team

Sep 13

Instrumental Music

Today Mrs. Voelkner meet with every fifth grade class and talked with them about playing an instrument this year. Every student will be coming home with a brochure with more information. It does have a one time payment of  $70 for the year but, Mrs. Voelkner explained that she wants every student who is interested to be able to participate. So, she is willing to provide payment options. If you have any remaining questions about Instrumental music please forward all questions to her email which is