May 11

LA 4 5/9-5/12

This week begins your final card marking in LA 4 Honors. What a year it has been! Our learning continues in CM 3 ūüôā

Our current literary focus:poetry and short story.  

Selected short stories and poems from our Literature text &

Authors in Depth Lit book supplemental text

Also in CM 3 : 3  presentations

  1. Public Monument as Argument  (assigned 5/9, due 5/15)
  2. Say Something! or Let’s Get Dramatic! ¬†5/24
  3. Collage: Text Connection/Who I am       6/5

All documents & rubrics are available from me in B 14 if you are absent or need another copy.

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May 4

Congrats LA 4 H: Time for discussion :)

5/4 Р5/8  Rotating Topic Discussion

Now that you have read TKAM, written an argument on a Social Issue, viewed TKAM movie, & read the Op/Ed “Living the Maladjusted Life” by John Harnish you will now synthesize, discuss, and make thoughtful text to text, personal, & world connections.

Be sure to bring the 2 page Journal Writing assignment from Wed 5/3 to class on Monday 5/8.

Your completed note taker will be collected after discussion on Mon 5/8.

Just in case you lost your note taker – here is the doc:

Rotating Discussion Note taker

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April 28

4/28 Happy Friday!

Congrats to all of you for completing your Social Issue argumentative essay:)  I look forward to your interesting conversations next week about the issues you chose to write about.

Today by 2:15 the following were due:

1. draft

2. peer editing sheet

3. final typed essay

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April 24

LA 4 Process Paper: Argument 4/24-4/28

Please refer to assignment doc as we work through writing the process essay.

Remember to continue working and keeping pace at home. Your homework this week is to read, draft, & revise in the evenings as week write in class.

All items are due FRIDAY 4/28 as stated in the timeline at the bottom of the doc.

You may access the DHS research databases from your phone and

home computer. Password is: pioneers

TKAM Social Issue Argument Essay

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April 10

4/10-4/13 Welcome Back LA 4 :) & info

Hope you all enjoyed the break:)

LA 4 Honors Updates for today 4/10 through Thursday 4/13:

Finish Reading To Kill A Mockingbird

Since you are off most of this week, it is a good time to finish reading TKAM (chapters 15-31).

As we complete our reading we will consider Lee’s use of¬†symbolism, motif, character development, & major themes in TKAM. ¬†These literary elements will inform our personal and world connections which will ¬†help to establish our inquiry for the social issues panel presentation as well as your own argumentative process writing.

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March 21

3/21 LA 4 TKAM Homework & Quiz reminder :)

TKAM reading for 3/20-3/22:

1. Be sure to read closely and take 3 column notes for chapters 1-5:

2. Every chapter should have it’s own full page or pages of 3 column


3. Set up like shown below:

Novel: TKAM        Chapter__________          

Key Points                Things I noticed:                 Qs I have

***READING CHECK QUIZ CH 1-5  3/22 or 3/23***

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March 20

Card Marking 2: Civil Rights & Social Issues

We begin our CM 2 unit engaging in close & critical reading with the classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  Students will also read related paired texts on Civil Rights &  and current Social issues of their own choice (research related.)

Card Marking 2 will be challenging and engaging with summative & formative  assignments & or/assessments in all 4 CCSS areas: reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening:

TKAM  & Paired texts: Close and Critical Reading Skills

Argument/ Social Issue Process writing

SSR Independent Novel Project

Using DHS databases Research &  MLA  ocumentation

Social Issues Small Group Formal Panel Presentation with Q & A

Socratic Circle dialogue & discussion


Big tip for success: READ the whole novel. ¬†Don’t rely on summaries written by other people online. Nothing replaces close and critical reading & taking notes.


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