August 28


Reading Intervention Lab

Stout Middle School


Contact Information:

Mrs. Ditmar (F3)



Goals and Expectations:

This course is designed to meet the individual needs of students who are experiencing significant difficulties with reading skills. Students are taught specific rules and strategies to improve their reading skills, and are provided with many opportunities for guided and independent practice of skills.


In READ180, students will engage in systematic reading intervention strategies. Students will learn and practice skills and strategies to improve reading, writing, speaking, word use and critical thinking. Students will demonstrate reading comprehension and analysis through class discussions, software use, rSkills tests, and Scholastic Reading Inventory scores.



  • This course is an elective designed to provide intensive reading intervention outside of the general education English class
  • Students are taught critical skills and strategies needed to be more successful readers
  • Students engage in daily reading activities to promote mastery and generalization of skills taught in the class
  • Daily reading activities include:
    • Direct instruction in a whole and small group setting
    • Spelling instruction
    • Reading fluency practice
    • Development of written expression
    • Independent reading



All materials are provided to the student and will be left in the class. Students will be given a composition book to track their goals and record their reading strategies.



  • Be in room when warning bell rings
  • Have planner and writing instrument
  • Maintain positive attitude
  • Move from one station to the next in an appropriate manner
  • Participate in whole and small group discussions
  • Stay on the Read180 Instructional Software when on the computer



Students will be assigned minimal homework as part of this course. Student

progress will depend greatly upon in-class participation and effort.



Students will be evaluated on an individual basis, with grading criteria including participation in the whole and small group discussions, completion of the reading log, progress on usage assignments or review, quizzes, tests, reading score improvement, writing submissions, and rBook work.

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