April 2

Why Reading Matters

You may be asking yourself why you need to read every day. And I wish my answer, “Life demands reading,” was enough, but it’s not. Reading to learn enables you to academic success, but reading to understand builds your brain and challenges you to grow.

I remember being in 7th grade reading Across Five Aprils. I felt as if I had been transported back to the Civil War and was experiencing the action first hand. A family divided, fighting, marriage, and death all came to life as I read. This was the first time I remember really getting a book to come to life in my brain, with each scene playing out in color.

So, yes, we practice reading strategies, and yes, we take tests to see what we’re understanding, but real reading comes when we’re able to get the words on the page to come to life in our brains.

And the problem usually begins with I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO READ! I’ve attached a site that will help you toward a better book! No more excuses!


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