A new Flocabulary assignment was assigned today.  It is on Carbon-Free Energy.  There are five things to do.

1.  Watch the video and answer the Google form you find in Google Classroom.

2.  Do the vocab cards.  When doing these, make sure you are using YOUR own words.  You cannot copy and paste anything.  If you do, you will not receive credit for that card. 

3.  Do the vocab game.

4.  Do the Read and Respond.  This is the one most are not doing well on so take your time.

5.  Do the quiz. 

Please take your time doing these.  Your goal is to get a 70% on each of them.  If you receive below 70%, I will reassign it so that you may get a better grade.  I will again make a spreadsheet and share it with you so that you can see what has been done and what needs to be done. To get your %, divide the top number by the bottom.  For example: 16/20 = 80%

I changed the due dates on the assignments so this Flocabulary is due March 25. (It was originally due March 23)

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