Here is a break down of the work that you will be doing over the next three weeks.

1.  The flocabulary that was assigned yesterday, March 16 is due Thursday, March 19.

2.  On Friday, March 20, you will get a new flocabulary assignment with the same items that will need to be completed.  This assignment will be due on Monday, March 23. 

3.  On Tuesday, March 24, you will get an assignment in Google classroom that has a link on it.  You will go to the link, read through the web pages, and answer questions and fill in data charts.  This will be due Friday, March 27.

4.  I am currently working on an assignment in which you will access NASA’S web site to again read through information and then answer questions.  This will be due Friday, April 3.

Please check your email daily for anything new or anything that has changed.

Remember, all work is assigned through google classroom.

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