Students finished their work on floods and that natural hazard was discussed today in class. Tomorrow they will begin an assignment on “Forecasting Natural Hazards”. There will be no homework over the break.


Students finished their “Why Study Natural Hazards” work yesterday and they were turned in today. The students were given their unit challenge scenario today and got into their groups. Each group was randomly assigned a state that they will be studying off and on throughout the unit on which natural hazards occur in their state, how often and the severity of them. This all leads up to the group unit project they will do at the end of the unit. No homework today.


Students continued working on the assignment of why we study natural hazards. Homework is to complete the assignment through part 3. DO NOT work beyond this point. We will do the rest Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


We started the new unit today which is on natural hazards. The unit essential question is: How can science and engineering help protect people form natural hazards. We will be working towards answering this question for the next 8-10 weeks.