Students took quizzes yesterday. If they want to retake either of hem then they have until Friday to do so. The original quiz must be signed by a parent in order for them to take the retake. Students have been doing chrome book work on peppered moths and discovering why they genetically changed from white to black. This work is due Wednesday.

Halloween is Thursday and there are some guidelines that need to be followed. They are:

  • No Props or Weapons of ANY KIND
  • No Masks
  • No Make-up
  • No Hats or Wigs
  • No Costumes that are revealing
  • Skirts and shorts must meet the fingertip length rule
  • Nothing offensive
  • Nothing distracting
  • No fake (or real) blood


Quiz on natural selection vocabulary and the content will be on Monday. ISN’s are due next week. These are the due dates: Oct. 28 is 1st hour, Oct 29 is 2nd hour, Oct 30 is 3rd hour, Oct 31 is 5th hour, and Nov 1st is 6th hour.


Students continued to work on how and why different animal species adapt to their changing environment. There will be a content and vocabulary quiz on Monday. Students will get details about these on Friday.


The assignment on Darwin’s Finches was collected today. No homework. There will be two quizzes in the up coming weeks. One will be on vocabulary and one on the unit content. I will keep you posted as to exact dates when I have them figured out. My guess is that one will be sometime the end of next week and the other on or around Halloween.