Today students finished taking notes on how some bed bugs are surviving insecticides. They got into their groups and discussed and wrote notes on why they think bed bugs would survive or not survive a new type of insecticide. The groups were having awesome discussions. No homework.


Today students began the new unit by learning about bed bugs. They saw a video about an experiment where two groups of bed bugs were given insecticide , but only one group died. Throughout the unit, students will discover why only one group was affected by the insecticide. No homework.


Today students finished presenting their work on the invasive species – purple loosestirfe. They were each assigned an individual summative assignment to complete using a decision matrix. This work is due tomorrow.


Today I met with each group in each class to go over their google slide presentation. I gave them constructive criticism on things that needed to be changed. We will begin presentations tomorrow. The redo on the systems summative assignment is due tomorrow.


Today students finished their decision making matrix on the controlling of purple loosestrife and started creating the google slide presentation. This will continue tomorrow and the presentations will be Thursday.


Today students started working with their group on how to use a decision matrix to solve the problem of the invasive species called purple loosestrife. This is a nonnative plant and is invading wetland areas in Michigan. The groups will work together this week using the matrix to come up with a solution on how to best control it. They will present their solutions Thursday for a summative grade.