Final Exam Procedures

Final exams are a requirement for every class at DHS.  In Mr. Leahy’s PE/Health classes the following will be happening/expected on final exam day.

  1. Report to class at scheduled exam time.
  2. Change into appropriate gym clothes and shoes.
  3. Participate in scheduled activities the whole time.
  4. At end of exam do a full gym locker clean out.

These requirements will be worth 15 points.

During 9th grade PE/Health classes students will have the opportunity to retake any Fitness Exam (except the 1.5 mile jog) that they missed or did poorly on the first time.

It is each individual students responsibility to check student connect ahead of time and determine if they are going to retake any test on exam day.

As a result of excessive absences and/or tardies some students will be placed on audit.  This is determined from the main office.  In order to get off of audit and receive full credit for this class the student must earn all 15 points during exam day.  9th graders must also have a 76% or better on the combined total of their fitness tests.  A retake on final exam day might help this, but again it is up to the student to request a retake on exam day.

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