Apr 21

Video Lessons by Ms. Emmy

Here are some video lessons by Ms. Emmy. Click on the links to watch the lessons.

Auditory Memory for Short Stories

Name the Category

Which One Does Not Belong

Answering Who Questions

Using Is/Are



Action Words

Expanding Expression Tool

Receptive by Class

Apr 13

Top 10 Resources on Speech, Language and Hearing

Top 10 Resources on Speech, Language and Hearing

Discover the importance of early language, listening, and speaking on literacy development. If you suspect that your child or a student is struggling with speech, language, and/or hearing problems, learn more about testing and assessment, accommodations, and additional professional help. You’ll also find tips on reading aloud with children who have speech and language problems or who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Apr 29


A language disorder is an impairment in the ability to understand others (receptive language), or in the ability to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings completely (expressive language),

Any speech or language problem is likely to have a significant effect on the child’s social and academic skills and behavior. The earlier a child’s speech and language problems are identified and treated, the less likely it is that problems will persist or get worse. Early speech and language intervention can help children be more successful with reading, writing, schoolwork, and interpersonal relationships.

Please reference the following links to see developmental milestones:

Preschool: Birth to 5 Language Development Milestones
Kindergarten-5th Grade: Kindergarten to 5th Grade Language Development