Week of April 30

This week we will be finishing up types of government (more detailed this time) and taking a quiz on Wednesday.

Week of April 16

We are finishing up studying the three branches of government and will take a quiz on Wednesday.

Week of April 9

This week we are focusing on the three branches of government.   This quiz will be given next Wednesday at the earliest.

Week of March 26

Monday = Practice Map Skills (green packet )  #14,15,16

Tuesday  & Wednesday= Forms of Government Study Guide

Thursday = Forms of Government Test

Week of March 19

This week we are talking about governments.   We should have a quiz on this topic either Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Week of March 5

This week we will be finishing up Chapter 4, Section 1 : Land forms of North America

Thursday = quiz (students were given a study guide)

Week of Jan 23

This week we are working on the topic of regions

Monday = Box and Summaraize and answer questions

Tuesday = quizlet words and core 2 wrote out definitions


Week of Jan 8 to Jan 12

This week we will be focusing on the topic of movement.

Monday =Vocabulary and quizlet

Tuesday = Movement reading activity

Wednesday = Bar Graphs

Thursday & Friday = MLK activities

Week of 12/4 to 12/8

This week we finished our study guide for chapter 2 on Monday and took a chapter 2 test on Tuesday.

Wednesday – We began chapter 3  1.  Thieves – Ch3 Sect 2   2. Guided Reading ch. 3 Sect 2

Thursday – Quizlet on Ch 3 vocabulary words

Week of 11/27 to 12/1

This week we are finishing up chapter 2 and studying for a test.  The test will be next Tuesday.

Thursday= definitions of key words on the test

Friday= study guide

Monday= finish study guide and quiz each other

Tuesday = Ch. 2 test