Week of 9/11

Open House is this week on Thursday from 6-7:30.  We will be having a camp meeting for 5th grade parents in room 202 at 6:45.  4th grade parents will be meeting in room 201 for camp meeting at 6:45.  We will be giving a basic overview of camp and answering any questions during that time.  We will also be giving important dates and deposit information to hold your child’s spot.  We will take a $100 nonrefundable deposit at Open House if you’d like to give it right away-cash or check made to DuVall Elementary.  If you can’t attend meeting, we will send home a sheet with basic information.  Here is a  link you can look at to check it out, click on outdoor education on the arrows.   http://www.wolverinecamps.com/

We have the popcorn sale this Friday 🙂  I will have a sign up to do it at Open House.  We have this and one other date.  It’s possible we may get a 3rd sign up to help raise money for camp.  THANK YOU in advance!!!

Students are completing the NWEA all week to see where they are academically and to help set goals for the year.  Each day will be a different section.

This week in:

Daily 5-We will be focussing on writing a summary after reading a piece of literature.  We are also practicing check for understanding after reading our good fit books or listening to a story.

Writing-We will begin a narrative piece.  Our focus will be idea development and word choice.  Students will also be learning about figurative language including metaphors, similes and idioms.

Math-We will begin with unit 1 and reviewing arrays, factor pairs and multiplication. Students WILL have math homework nightly.  It will always be a review of what we did in class that day or review of 4th grade skills that should already be mastered (mathboxes).

Science: We will begin our first science unit this week. It will focus on the Driving Question: Why are cooking tools made of different types of materials? In order to complete this unit, we will need some items donated. I have created a bulletin board outside of the fifth grade classrooms that indicate the items needed. At Open House, please take a minute to see what we need. If you can donate an item or 2, please do.

Right now, we need a few additional items such as: various pots and pans to keep at school for a couple of weeks, and 130 ice cubes. If you can donate either or some of these, it would be greatly appreciated.  

I look forward to meeting/seeing you Thursday at Open House.  Have a great week.

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