May 19

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Physical Activity
An important part of keeping your body healthy is to mix up the types of exercises you do. A varied workout routine will get your heart pumping, build your cardiovascular endurance, emphasize flexibility, and work to strengthen your muscles and bones. Today’s combo of yoga and high-impact exercise will check all the boxes of a balanced workout!

Today’s yoga, the Body Awareness Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program teaches us to tune in to how our body feels and the way it moves. The poses encourage strength, focus, and flexibility

• Video: (Time: 12:02)

• Handout: Body Awareness Flow
This HIIT workout from PopSugar will get you moving! The fun, upbeat combination of cardio and body-weight strength exercises will keep you motivated through the burn!

• (Time: 29:45)

Today’s “red” activity involves combining the yoga activity with the HIIT workout. Are you up for the challenge?

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Hydration- Fruity Ice Cubes
We know that the best way to stay hydrated is to drink water, right?! Yet as the weather heats up- the water in our water bottle may too. Save yourself from having to slurp warm water (ugh!) with this week’s fruity ice cubes, a fun and refreshing way to infuse your water with flavor.
To Make:
• Choose your favorite fruit/s (canned, frozen, or fresh)
o Try some of our favorites- canned pineapple, frozen berries or fresh oranges
• Chop them into small pieces
• Drop into each cube of the ice tray
• Pour water over the fruit
• Freeze for six hours or overnight
Enjoy your fruity ice cubes in your water bottle!

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May 18

Monday May 18, 2020

Physical Activity

You know that good-feeling sensation you get after doing something physical? It’s like a “happy pill” with no side effects! Regular physical activity can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. So, exercise isn’t just good for you – it’ll help you feel good too!

Today’s TikTok dance tutorial is for Benee’s “SupaLonley.” It’s a slow tutorial for a long dance! If you’re feeling ‘supalonley’ there are lots of ways to get help. Be sure to connect with friends and family!
• (Time: 15:17)

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that packs a big workout punch. It involves slow, precise movements and breath control which isolates and strengthens your muscles. Give Pilates a try today with this workout!
• (Time: 55:04)

Feeling up to the challenge today? Do both the dance and the Pilates workouts! Post your dance to Tik Tok or Instagram and use the #healthykidsquarantined

• (Time: 32:20)

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Protein is one of the 5 essential food groups from MyPlate. It is helpful to think of protein as a building block that helps us BUILD our muscles, bones, skin and blood. When you feel hungry, grabbing for a snack full of protein is a great way to feel fuller, longer.

To get protein, you don’t have to only eat meat. Did you know that there are many plant-based protein sources that are inexpensive and easy to find? Canned beans like kidney, pinto and black beans are a great source. Chickpeas and lentils are also a great way to get some protein. Check out this protein tip sheet for suggestions on how to vary your protein, and track your weekly servings using this protein tracker!

Bonus Recipe: Black bean and corn salsa (with protein-packed beans!)
· 1 can diced tomatoes, drained
· 1 can whole kernel corn, drained
· 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
· 2 tablespoons chopped onion
· 2 tablespoons lime juice
· 1 tablespoon olive oil
· 1 teaspoon chile pepper
· 1/4 teaspoon salt
Mix all ingredients together, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

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May 15

Friday May 15, 2020

Physical Activity
Today’s workout involves yoga and a Throwback Dance Party. which use a variety of exercises to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility. Flip the coin to determine your exercise in each round.

Today’s KWIO yoga sequence is the “Inner Warrior Flow.” This fast-paced yoga flow focuses on powerful warrior poses that help to develop strength, concentration, and balance.
• (Time: 14:47)
• Handout: Inner Warrior Flow
It’s throwback Thursday! This dance-themed workout will have you working up a sweat to some great old-school tracks.
• (Time 25:22)
Today, combine the yoga flow and practice the dance video until you’ve got the moves down! Work up a sweat and keep your body strong and healthy!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Have you ever heard someone say that if you want strong bones and teeth, you need to drink your milk? This is because milk (and other dairy foods like yogurt and cheese) are good sources of Vitamin D which is needed to build and keep strong bones and muscles. But did you know that you can also get Vitamin D is through exposure to the sun?! Vitamin D also protects us from illnesses like the flu, gives us a mental boost, improves sleep, and even helps us build muscle and maintain a healthy weight.
Try one of these foods to get your daily dose of Vitamin D:

• dairy, like low-fat milk

• almonds

• spinach

• whole-grain cereal

• mushrooms

• eggs

• orange juice

• fish (like salmon)
Bonus! Take a walk outside and soak up some sun – and Vitamin D! Check out this guide that can give you some cool spots! Family Hiking Guide

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May 14

Thursday May 14, 2020

Physical Activity
Today, work towards your 60 minutes of physical activity by trying out the A-B-C workout of the day, or challenging your friends to be physically active on Social Media!

Workout of the Day (WOD)!
• Use this A-B-C exercise guide (with video demonstrations)
• Using the associated exercises, spell “FRIEND”. Social support helps you to start and continue exercise. Have a friend join you in your exercise!

Your ‘yellow’ challenge today is to extend the WOD:
• Use this A-B-C exercise guide:
• Using the associated exercises, spell “FRIENDSHIP

Today’s “red” activity involves challenging your friends to be physically active with you! On social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook), post how long you can hold a plank, and then challenge 5 of your friends to do it too! To tag us, use #healthykidsquarantined

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
A healthy diet contains whole-grain carbohydrates which can sometimes be tricky to locate. One way to tell if a food is a whole grain is to look to see if the word “WHOLE” is on the food label. Some food packages may have a “whole” grain stamp on the package instead that says, 100% of the food is made of whole grains. This week check the food labels on your carbohydrates to see how many say WHOLE or have a 100% whole grain stamps. Compare the whole grains you found in your house to the ones listed in this WORD SCRAMBLE.
For a tasty and healthy whole grain snack try our Healthy Whole Grain Trail Mix
• 1 cup chopped nuts – try walnuts, almonds, or pecans
• 1/4 cup raisins, Craisins, or other dried fruit
• 3 1/2 cups unsweetened whole-grain cereal (try Chex or Cheerios)
• 1 cup popcorn
• Add in 1 cup broken pieces of dark chocolate
• Mix together and enjoy!

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May 13

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Today’s combination of gentle yoga and a HIIT workout is a great balance of exercises to help you get stronger and more flexible.

Today’s yoga, the Flexibility Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program focuses on poses that lengthen and stretch the muscles, prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Stretching with yoga is a great way to get you moving in the morning or a way to relax after a long day.
• (Time: 15:50)
• Handout: Flexibility Flow
A vigorous workout gets your heart pumping, builds your cardiovascular endurance, and can improve your muscle and bone strength. Today, try this HIIT workout that will challenge every muscle group!
• (Time: 20:06)
Today’s “red” activity involves combining the yoga activity with the HIIT workout. Are you up for the workout fiesta!?

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
As the weather warms up it’s even more important to stay hydrated – when you sweat, you lose valuable water from your body. But, be careful of hydrating it in a smart way! Sports drinks may seem like a good hydration option BUT they are loaded with sneaky sugar. Some sports drinks have as much sugar as a regular soda! The next time you find yourself grabbing for a sports drink why not try coconut water instead? Coconut water is a great lower-sugar, lower calorie alternative to sports drinks.
Try this Citrus Coconut water recipe this week:
• 1/2 lemon, lime or both washed and sliced
• Fill a large cup or water bottle with ice
• Squeeze and drop in lemon and lime slices
• Pour in 2 cups of coconut water
• Serve and enjoy!
Use this worksheet to track what you drink and how much sugar you’re consuming.

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May 12

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Physical Activity
Last Monday was May the 4th be with you! It was National Star Wars Day! Today we’ll train with some Jedi, the Sith, and Obi Wan to get a great Star Wars-themed workout! Don’t have a light saber handy? You can use whatever you may have handy, like a broom or a mop – but don’t worry, these exercise work just as well if you don’t have one.

These are short videos from Get Kids Moving – so combine a few of your favorites and get your Star Wars training on!
• Jedi Light Side HIIT Workout: (Time: 3:46)
• Star Wars ‘SITH’ Workout: (Time: 4:18)
• Obi Wan Star Wars Workout: (Time: 4:19)
• Star Wars Light Saber Tabata: (Time: 4:22)
BONUS: Challenge your friends on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook), to work it like Obi Wan too! To tag us, use #healthykidsquarantined.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Eating fruits and vegetables can help you “fuel your force!” Starfighter Pilots must keep their energy up when headed into battle, and these fruity TIE tributes are just the snack they need when fighting against the Rebellion!

Fruit TIE Fighter (find this recipe – and pictures! – on the Star Wars website)
• ½ a banana
• 2 apples
• 1-2 tablespoons of nut butter
• Slice the banana into rounds
• Slice the apples into rounds, then trim the edges to form a hexagon (see a picture)
• Use the nut butter to secure the apple ‘wings’ to the banana
• Stand them upright to serve – and don’t play with your food too much before you enjoy!
Want to see how fruit, like in these TIE Fighters, fits in with a healthy diet? Check out the Star Wars Check for an easy guide for families to identify healthier food and beverage options!

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May 11

Monday May 11, 2020

Physical Activity

If you’re just getting started with exercise, you should be encouraged to know that even small improvements in exercise levels create a response in your brain that makes exercise become more rewarding! So keep going!

It’s Monday! Let’s kick off the week with an epic cardio boxing workout from PopSugar. This 45-minute workout mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength training moves.
• (Time: 45:35)
Get someone in your family moving with you! Ask a parent or sibling to join you for your workout today, or go for a walk or bike ride. No one at home to exercise with? Challenge a friend online!
Try this quick core workout to stretch and strengthen your abdominal muscles. A strong core is essential for balance, posture, and stability.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Vitamin C Booster Smoothie
Yesterday, we learned that Vitamin C provides many benefits like preventing sickness! Try this Vitamin C Booster smoothie that not only tastes delicious but it’s chocked full of the good stuff to keep you healthy.
• 1 orange peeled and de-segmented
• 1 chopped banana fresh or frozen
• 1 cup low fat milk
• 1 cup ice
• Optional Vitamin C-rich additions (½ cup strawberries, ½ cup pineapple; 1 carrot)
Mix in a blender and pulse until smooth. Serve immediately while cold. Share your smoothie creations by posting it online, using #healthykidsquarantined!

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May 08

Friday May 8, 2020

Physical Activity
Today’s workout involves yoga and dance, which use resistance to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility. These are important physical traits to build your endurance and strength!

Today’s KWIO yoga sequence is a “Cardio Yoga Flow.” This fast-paced yoga flow will get your heart beating and strengthen your muscles!

• (Time: 7:03)
• Handout: Cardio yoga flow

It’s throwback Thursday! Learn a short dance routine and work up a sweat to a mix of the best 80’s tracks.
• (Time: 11:10)

Today, combine the yoga flow and practice the dance video until you’ve got the moves down! Work up a sweat and keep your body strong and healthy!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Has anyone ever told you to take Vitamin C when you’re getting a cold? It’s for good reason! Vitamin C is very helpful in boosting your immune system and resisting infection, so it helps your body fight off germs that make you sick. Vitamin C does more than just boost your immunity, it also helps your body heal wounds, keeps your tissue like your gums and blood vessels healthy, and makes your cartilage, bones, and teeth strong.
Try one of these foods to get your daily dose of Vitamin C:

• citrus fruits, like oranges

• cantaloupe

• strawberries

• tomatoes

• broccoli

• cabbage

• kiwi fruit

• sweet red peppers

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May 07

Thursday May 7, 2020

Physical Activity
Today is International Dance Day! Let’s celebrate by dancing with Hip Hop Public Health. Start out with learning some fun moves and then join us in the #20secondsormore challenge on TikTok!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Snack Hack: Banana ‘Nice’ Cream
Desserts mostly fall under the category of a “Whoa” food, or something that we only eat every once in a while. When you find yourself looking for something sweet like dessert, a good substitute is fruit. But fruit doesn’t have to be boring – this banana ‘nice’ cream is a healthy twist on an ice cream dessert!
• 2-3 ripe bananas (make sure they are ripe!)
• ¼ cup of milk (any type you like, our favorite is almond!)
• Pinch of salt
• Mix-ins of your choosing
When your bananas are ripe, peel them and cut them into big chunks. Put them in an airtight container or bag and freeze them. Once frozen, put all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until you get a soft-serve texture (adding more or less milk as needed). Serve immediately, or pop back into the freezer for 30 minutes to firm it up. There are so many options to customize this like your favorite ice cream flavor – see this site for lots of ideas!

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May 06

Wednesday May 6, 2020

Physical Activity
Executive functioning includes mental skills that allow us to plan and organize, focus, remember things, and make decisions. One of the few ways to improve our executive functioning is through physical activity. Research tells us that young adults who exercise have faster reaction time and better working memory. All the more reason to get moving!movement-based mindfulness, which improves executive functions like memory, flexible thinking, and self-control.
• (Time: 7:50)
• Handout: Slow Flow
This low impact cardio workout will get your heart pumping, build your cardiovascular endurance, and improve your muscle and bone strength. Today, try this HIIT workout that will challenge every muscle group!
• (Time: 38:59)

Today’s “red” activity involves combining the yoga activity with the HIIT workout. Are you up for the challenge?

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Fizzy Water!
You likely know how important water is for your body to function – we literally can’t live without it! But, sometimes you probably still have a craving for sweet and fizzy pop. Drinking pop can pack sugar into your diet, add hundreds of unnecessary calories to your daily intake, and causes cavities! For a great, fizzy treat, try this pop alternative:
Start with your favorite kind of juice – make sure it’s 100% juice with no added sugar. (Try apple, cranberry, or grape.

Add ¼ cup of juice into 1 cup of sparkling water.

Stir it well and drink it over ice.

This adds flavor and bubbles without the added sugar, while still giving you plenty of hydration.
Share your creations and recipes by posting online, using #healthykidsquarantined! Remember to stay hydrated!

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