Wednesday June 10, 2020

Physical Activity

Today’s workout theme is “achieve” – which means successfully reaching a desired objective through effort, skill, or courage. What are you courageously trying to achieve? Being fit and healthy takes effort – but it’s worth it to keep working to achieve it!

Workout of the Day (WOD)!
• Use this A-B-C exercise guide (with video demonstrations)
• Using the associated exercises, spell “ACHIEVE”. To ‘excel’ means to do reach your goal! What will you achieve today? This week? This month?

Your ‘yellow’ challenge today is to extend the WOD:
• Use this A-B-C exercise guide:
• Using the associated exercises, spell “ACHIEVEMENT

Today’s “red” activity involves the ‘do 10, give 10’ challenge! Do 10 pushups on a social network and challenge 10 friends to do the same. Don’t forget to use the #HealthyKidsQuarantined

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Snack Hack – Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Today we have the perfect snack idea when you are feeling like a sweet treat – this strawberry frozen yogurt is a healthier way to satisfy your dessert desires! Finding a frozen treat just got much easier with our quick, simple and in season recipe!
· 4 cups frozen strawberries
· 2 Tablespoons honey
· 1/2 cup plain yogurt (non-fat)
· 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
To Make:
Add the frozen strawberries, honey, yogurt and lemon juice to the bowl of a blender or food processor. Process until creamy, about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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