Friday June 5, 2020

Physical Activity
Have you ever heard of geocaching? It’s like a gigantic outdoor treasure hunt with millions of prize-filled containers hidden around the world! Geocaching is a great way to get outside, discover new sites in your town, and even learn about navigation. This is a great activity to do with your family, so head outdoors today and find some treasure!

To get started, just create a free account at, scan the map for geocaches near you, and use a cell phone’s GPS to search for these hidden treasures using the coordinates provided. Once you discover the cache, sign and date the logbook, and note your score online. Even cooler? Prizes! Typically, geocaches include a small trinket for a ‘prize’ for finding the treasure. Depending on your comfort level, it’s fine to take the prize in the cache as long as you leave behind something of equal or greater value for the next geocachers to find.

Happy hunting!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Have some leftover frozen cauliflower rice from the recipes earlier this week? We have the perfect way for you to use it up. For something sweet- why not try our hidden cauliflower smoothie- we promise the cauliflower will just give your smoothie a creamier texture and your kids won’t taste it at all!


• 1 cup frozen riced cauliflower

• 1 cup frozen strawberries or berries

• 1 small frozen banana

• 1 ½ cup low fat milk

• 1 tablespoon nut butter

• Add chosen ingredients to a blender and blend until very smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl and adding more liquid, if needed. Serve immediately.

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