Monday June 1, 2020

Physical Activity
Need another reason to be active with your family? It’s fun! Today’s playful ‘Feel Good’ dance and centering yoga practice are a great way to build stamina and confidence and enjoy the activity while you’re doing it! Find ways that your family likes to be active – not only is it a good way to spend time together, you’ll all be getting healthier too!

Today’s KWIO yoga sequence is a “Centered Flow” which focuses on knowing that your center of existence and personal power comes from within you! We’ll concentrate on cultivating our body’s sense of center.
• Video: (Time: 9:09)
• Handout: Centered Yoga Flow
Today’s dance workout is “Feel Good Cardio & Grooves” from PopSugar. Fun moves will help you to relieve stress and empower your inner dancer!
• (Time: 31:04)
Today, combine the yoga flow and practice the dance video until you’ve got the moves down! Work up a sweat and keep your body strong and healthy!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Gardening Greats: YOU can grow veggies!
Good news – you don’t need garden beds or even a yard to grow your own vegetables – there are many things you can grow in a small space or in a pot on your patio! Some of the best options for pots or small containers are:
• Sweet peppers
• Tomatoes
• Chili peppers
• Kale and Lettuce
• Spinach
• Onions
• Radishes
• beans
You can start with seeds, but you can also start with scraps from the vegetables you buy at the grocery store. Check out this video for how to do this to grow carrots, onions, garlic, lettuce, and lots of herbs from what you’d otherwise throw away!

When you grow your own veggies, you’ll see that the part of the plant that you actually eat varies – sometimes it’s the leaves (like with lettuce), the stems (asparagus and celery), the roots (carrots and potatoes), fruit (tomato and pepper), seeds (chickpeas), or flower (broccoli and cauliflower). This worksheet will help you figure out which part of the plant you’re eating!

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