Tuesday May 19, 2020

Physical Activity
An important part of keeping your body healthy is to mix up the types of exercises you do. A varied workout routine will get your heart pumping, build your cardiovascular endurance, emphasize flexibility, and work to strengthen your muscles and bones. Today’s combo of yoga and high-impact exercise will check all the boxes of a balanced workout!

Today’s yoga, the Body Awareness Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program teaches us to tune in to how our body feels and the way it moves. The poses encourage strength, focus, and flexibility

• Video: https://youtu.be/MgUjrvC9wqg (Time: 12:02)

• Handout: Body Awareness Flow
This HIIT workout from PopSugar will get you moving! The fun, upbeat combination of cardio and body-weight strength exercises will keep you motivated through the burn!

• https://youtu.be/GOyhgv6SA1k (Time: 29:45)

Today’s “red” activity involves combining the yoga activity with the HIIT workout. Are you up for the challenge?

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Healthy Hydration- Fruity Ice Cubes
We know that the best way to stay hydrated is to drink water, right?! Yet as the weather heats up- the water in our water bottle may too. Save yourself from having to slurp warm water (ugh!) with this week’s fruity ice cubes, a fun and refreshing way to infuse your water with flavor.
To Make:
• Choose your favorite fruit/s (canned, frozen, or fresh)
o Try some of our favorites- canned pineapple, frozen berries or fresh oranges
• Chop them into small pieces
• Drop into each cube of the ice tray
• Pour water over the fruit
• Freeze for six hours or overnight
Enjoy your fruity ice cubes in your water bottle!

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