May 4, 2020

Happy Monday! If you are a Star Wars fan ¨May the 4th be with you!¨

I hope you enjoyed the weather this past weekend. It was perfect to enjoy some time in the yard or to go for a walk. I walked each day and did some yard work. It was wonderful to get outside.

Today we will do the warm ups then practice all your tennis swings, forehand, backhand and lob. Each one 20 times. Then practice the last tennis skill we would learn. It is called the SMASH! This swing starts high over your head and swings down fast almost like using a butterfly net to catch butterflies. Also practice this swing 20 times.

Start above your head and to the back

swing forward like a fly swatter or you are catching a butterfly

Nutrition and Healthy

Eating Snacks often get a bad rap – but they CAN be healthy! Snacks give us energy between meals and if we make good choices can help prevent overeating when you get really hungry. Foods that fit into MyPlate food groups make great anytime snacks: fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean protein, like nuts or seeds. Items like cookies, cake, candy, chips, pop/soda don’t make good snacks because they are high in fat, sugar, or salt. These types of snacks also don’t fill us up, so you’re likely to be unsatisfied after eating them (which is why we eat so.many.chips!).
Check out these tips for making healthy snacks at home: Making Great Tasting Snacks

This week try frozen grapes for a healthy and sweet snack you are sure to love!

Frozen Grapes:

  1. Rinse grapes in cold water for 30 seconds
  2. Gently pull grapes from their stem and place on a clean kitchen towel
  3. Place all the rinsed grapes into a Ziploc bag and put the bag into the freezer
  4. Freeze the grapes for 8 hours
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