Welcome back Monday!

Welcome back! I have missed not see you all each day. I hope you are all well and staying healthy and active at home. I wanted to post the middle school and high school blogs for you to look at along with a couple ideas for this weeks activities. I’m going to assign each of you to do the daily exercises. I’ll post them below to give you a reminder.

District Middle School Blog: https://iblog.dearbornschools.org/middleschoolphysicaleducation/

There are links for learning a new dance and a core workout. You can choose one or do both if you are feeling energized!

District High School Blog: https://iblog.dearbornschools.org/highschoolphysicaleducation/

The challenge is to walk or run a mile every day for 30 days.

Some things I have been doing with my niece and nephew while they have been with me during this time are: taking walks, riding scooters in the driveway, playing hopscotch in the driveway, playing catch with a ball and made up fitness activities.

One favorite is Fitness Uno. We made a list of all the cards and assigned an exercise to teach card. For example: 0= 3 wall push ups, 1 = 1 jump twist, 2= 2 sit ups, 3=piano keys, 4 touch your toes, 5 arm circles, 6 side hops, 7 swimming arms, 8 piano keys, 9 speed bag, skip=skip around the room, +2 = draw 2 cards and do what they say, +4 = take 4 cards and do what they say, reverse = walk backwards around the room, wild= 5 push ups. When you play this game set a timer. See how many cards you can get in 5 min. Then take a break. Try again and try to get more cards. This is so fun you’ll be laughing and getting exercise!

This game can also be played by picking a different exercise for each color for example blue= squats, yellow = pretend jump rope, red = swimming arms and green =side punches. Then when the card is flipped do the exercise that matches the color the amount on the card. Blue 5= 5 squats

Those of you who are Tigers fan here is a link to their Summer Slugger program. There are some fun educational activities here too: https://summerslugger.com/mlb_clubs/tigers/?partnerId=ed-14791917-1203178023

In addition we are able to use the downdog app for FREE until May 1st. There are YOGA,HIIT and other exercises you are able to access. Please enjoy any of these that seem fun to you!

I will post pictures of the warm ups later. With every new post I create, the new info will go to the top of the page and the old info will be underneath.

Remember to check with your parents before doing any exercises to find out where is the best place to try these out. Stay safe and healthy!

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