Dec 07

Today’s Class: Thursday 12/07

  • Bellwork BW Thu 12-07
  • STudents went up on the board and showed their work for worksheet 2 problems (front): graphing parabolas from standard form. 2_Graphing quadratics standard form_key
  • Then we wrote guided notes INB p 25 on how to convert from standard form to vertex form (h=-b/2a) INB p25
  •  Complete the back of worksheet 2, do not forget to write the function in vertex form after you graph it (p25 guided notes)
Dec 01

Unit Test on Monday: Family of Functions

You will be taking a unit test on Monday: Family of functions. Review all 8 worksheets in your binder and content INB p 13 through 19. Here are the resources we have used and the I can statements:

I can statements:

  1. I can identify and interpret key features on a graph (domain, range, x intercept, y intercept, increasing, decreasing, positive, negative intervals, min, max)
  2. I can graph the parent functions by hand without the use of a calculator (note cards, matching worksheet 1)
  3. I can identify the effect of transformations of a graph when given the equation.(review INB p17-18)
  4. I can write the equation of a function when given a transformed graph.
Nov 21

Project Due Monday 11/27

  • Project is due Monday 11/27
  • you are going to create one equation for each parent function we learned (notecards)
  • You can use google or Desmos calculator to graph it
  • Once you graph it you are going to copy the graph on graph paper
  • Then you have to find the domain, range, increasing, decreasing, positive, negative intervals. As well as x intercept and y intercept.
  • you can have your work on poster board if u choose to do so (u ll have better grade on appearance)
  • Students will be randomly chosen (using random number generator) to present one of their graphs
  • click here to view the Project Directions