Jun 12


  • Your final is tomorrow (check schedule in last post)
  • you will have 35 questions
  • Calculator allowed
  • the time given is 1 hour
  • You will be allowed to use the cheat sheet you made in class
  • The test is multiple choice but showing work is a must
  • Your study guide corrections are due tomorrow, follow along the key and correct your work with colored pen
  • A2FinalReveiwKeyS2
  • A2FinalReviewS2 2018 (1)
Jun 08

Final Updates and final schedule

Jun 05

Unit mini Test on Thursday

This will be our last unit test/quiz. The following are the I can statements:

  • I can find the mean, median, mode and range from a histogram (review bellwork)
  • I can find mean, median, mode and range from a data set (review bellwork)
  • I can find probability from a frequency table (review OR, AND, Given that.


May 22

Today’s Class: Tuesday 05/22

  • We started a new unit: Probability and Statistics. We wrote vocab on p62 of the INB and defined some of them (check below). We also practiced finding mean, median, mode and range by completing a practice example on p63.
  • A packet was distributed. We worked on drawing histograms and analyzing them. 05-22
May 21

Today’s Class: Monday 05/21

  • Trig Unit Tests were passed back
  • Exponential Quizzes were passed back
  • We went over the test and talked about common mistakes
  • Retakes are in my room on Wednesday 05/23
  • To be allowed retake, you have to redo the review problems on loose leaf. The answers are included in the Powerpoint but showing work is required Trig_Relay (1)