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Good morning!

Leslie Riehl and I, Jennifer Chapman, want to officially welcome you to our summer program!  We have a lot of fun activities planned this summer, and will communicate to you on an ongoing basis. I have included an overview of themes for this summer.  We will connect with you to give more details on individual activities in our classrooms as needed. You may look at our blog for updates, as well as look for email communication.  You can contact us through email or phone calls.  Our emails are chapmaj@dearbornschools.org and Ms. Riehl is riehll@dearbornschools.org  The number to the Howe office is 313-827-7000.  You can call the number and you will be connected to our rooms.  Due to school policy, and the safety of our students, if you need to pick up your child, we ask that you come to the office and wait until we are able to bring him/her down. No one will be allowed to come into the rooms, or the halls, during school hours.  We will be available for communication from 8:30 to 9:00, and again from 2:00-2:30.  Please understand we may not be able to speak to you during teaching hours, as we are engaging with our students.  Please look for information to come.  We are excited to see everyone again!

Ms. Riehl

Ms. Chapman

Dates:Weekly ThemeAvailable ResourcesSpecial Events & Activities
  Week 1: June 23-24  Summer Program Kickoff  The Lemonade Wars Resources  June 23 – Lemonade Wars Kickoff Students will be served lemonade

Week 2-3: June 28-July 8

Camping Fun!

Camping Fun!
  July 1- Field Day Campground Games and Activities   July 7 – Nick Fugeti Assembly Campfire Songs Assembly   –
  Week 4-5: July 12-22  Zoo Days  Zoo Days Planning Resources  July    July 21 Petting Zoo
  Week 6: July 26-29  Outer Space Week 

Outer Space Planning Resources
  July 29 Star Wars Glow Dance

Week 7-8: August 2-12

Beach Party

Beach Party Resources
  August 5 Yogurt Town August 12- Culminating Event

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