Spelling test and lists will be pushed back and will resume in April when we return. In the meantime, please continue working on sight words. We have attached the sight word lists for Kindergarten that need to be mastered before the end of the year. 

  • An easy way to practice these words is by writing out flash cards. We recommend you try the 6:4 method (6 words they know and 4 words they do not know) when reviewing. Practice the set of 10 words until they have mastered words and then bring in new words 4 new words and removed 4 they have mastered. 
  • Alphabet Chart
  • Sight Word Lists ** They need to know these by the end of Kindergarten! (Young 5, focus on the pre-primer list to prepare them for Kinder!) 


  • Please use Raz-Kids and reading eggs to work with your child on maintaining and improving their reading skills. I will be monitoring the online programing from home, please email if you have any questions. Students should listen to the book, read the book, and take the quiz for each book before moving on to the next story or book. My recommendation would be at least 3 books a day (following the listen, read, and quiz pattern) and 20-30 minutes on reading eggs. 
    • Raz Kids
    • Reading Eggs
    • You will need the teacher username for raz-kids, these are posted on individual teacher’s blog but we have also listed them here: 
      • dvensko
      • Chammout
      • mdimitriou
      • afillmore1
  • If you are not using online resources (raz-kids), we have attached comprehension pages for you to do with hard copy of books – 1 per day (15 total). 
  • Please continue to do the fun activities on the March is Reading Month Log. Don’t forget to log your minutes! 


  • Attached is a template to use each day- 15 total. Students should pick a topic of their choice and write at least 3 complete sentences (Kindergarten) to match the picture they draw. 


  • Here are the math lessons that should be completed in your child’s Eureka Math Succeed Book. 
    • Week of March 16th: Module 4 Lessons 31-36
    • Week of March 23rd: Module 4 Lessons 37-40
    • Week of March 30th: Module 5 Lessons 1-6
  • This is a link to a youtube playlist that has the lessons online for your child to watch. On the right side of the video is the playlist where you can select the appropriate lesson. Module 4 Lessons 31-40

Module 5 Lessons 1-6

  • Here is the link to math seeds. Students typically spend 20 minutes on math seeds each day in class. Math Seeds 

Here is a link to resources for helping teach your child at home: 

Teaching your child at home

All resources are linked in this folder so you have access to 1 spot 

Young 5/Kinder Online Learning 

Here is the district online resource page if you would like anything additional to what we have provided you. 

District Remote Learning Resources for all grades

Social Story for Kids about CoronaVirus 

Kid friendly story about what is happening

What should I turn in to the teachers: 

  • Please keep math workbook and pages at home, no need to tear these out. 
  • Please return the reading log, daily writing page, and reading response if you are not using raz kids where we can track their progress and reading. 

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