End of Week Updates!

Finally a full week of school! We have crammed A LOT of learning in!

This week we began our Montessori Animal Units. We start with Arctic Animals. We learn about what animals that includes (polar bears, seals, whales, arctic foxes, arctic hares, and many more!) As we talk about the animals we begin to rad stories and watch some videos about the habitat. It is cold, snowy, and they need the sun to see and get warm! We also introduced a big science word- camouflage. That topic will continue throughout the animal units… but introducing it with white fur and feathers in a snowy place is an easy way to start making those connections. While working on the animal unit we introduced the writing process. We start the week with a bubble map, map out important details, slim down to 3 key facts, then write our final paper on the topic. This was very guided with me this time and I hope to slim down my answers as the animal units continue and they begin to understand the process.

In Benchmark we finished Unit 5 and started Unit 6- Writers Tell Many Stories! Our focus in this unit is fiction vs nonfiction, punctuation names and what they mean, and sounding out all three sounds in simple words like cat, can, etc. We work on this daily whole group before we start our ela work times.

In math we are almost finished with our comparisons module 3. We have covered taller/shorter, heavier/lighter, and now circling more/less. I will have a date for the test soon but we have lots of fun days coming up!

We have ended our week with groundhogs day!!!!! We voted if we wanted Phil to see his shadow or not. Many agreed they wanted spring to come and winter to leave! This afternoon we are making groundhog puppets and watching the video to see what Phil said from this morning.

Lots of things coming home in today’s folder!

  • new spelling words- (test on Friday, Feb 9th)
  • February Character Trait letter! (Integrity)
  • Groundhogs activities we did today
  • Arctic Animal writing! (Make sure your child explains it to you…. they are so proud of themselves)
  • AND addition we have been working on!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Lots of outdoor play while we have the warmer temperatures!