Bathroom Issues :(

The class is really struggling with constantly going to the bathroom. Like everyone all work time long which is why I am blog posting and not sending individual emails. It’s becoming impossible for me to teach a lesson without multiple hands going up.

I have already kept drinks out of the classroom. The temperature is 68-70 so it is not too warm. They should be able to wait until 11 am when our snack/bathroom break is.

Please have a talk with your child about this. It really is becoming an issue that is deterring me from teaching whole and small group lessons.

End of Week Updates!

We have had the busiest week! Once we hit January it seems like the days FLY BY!

This week we have been working hard to finish Benchmark Unit 5- Technology at home and School. We will finish the last lesson on Monday then those books will come home. Tuesday we will start Unit 6. Today was our first spelling test! They did great listening, following directions and trying their best. Graded tests will come home along with new words for next Friday’s test. These will be weekly through May.

In Eureka Squared we are slowly making our way through Module 3: Comparisons. We have already covered: longer/shorter, taller/shorter, heavier/lighter. We have about half of this module done and should finish up in February. During Montessori work times we are also working on addition using numbers 0-10.

For Science we will begin next week with our Montessori Animal Units! My FAVORITE thing to teach. I combine montessori animal units and non fiction writing. You will see weekly our writing process and what animal class we have discussed.

Social Studies we will work on the end of February 🙂

Lots of excited kiddos about the classroom faces shirts! We will be working on the faces next week during class.

Have a great weekend and GO LIONSSSS!

Classroom T-Shirts Order Form!

Every year I have my class create a faces t-shirt and get them printed for the students who want to purchase. This comes from a company and it is a one time order. You have some time to decide so the money and form are due before February 15th. The example is on the back of the order form.

February calendar is also coming home today! 🙂

READ- Quick Announcements!

Art Club forms are coming home in today’s folder. If your child would like to join please fill out the paperwork and send back to school as soon as possible!

Please DO NOT use IREADY pathways right now! We are finding out that it is interfering with the testing in the classroom. We tested for reading today and will do math next week. I will let you know when you can begin to use that website again.

Quick Updates!

We are back to it! Eureka squared math measuring units continued today along with Benchmark Unit 5! We WILL have a full week this week to start getting back into the rhythm 🙂

Valentine’s day information coming home in folders today! Read through the paper and let me know if you have any questions. Giving it to you early so you have time for your child to write their own names on their valentines!

End Of Week Updates!

Such a short week with the snow days. We have also had very low attendance yesterday and today. This made me switch to review for these days instead of teaching new lessons. We will pick up Benchmark and Eureka math again next week.

The students that have been here haven’t minded the sight word bingo game and playing with some new stem games that I bought for our shelf. Smart games makes excellent games that the children can do by themselves. Let me know if you want more specific info about those. We have 4 new ones on our shelves.

Next Friday we will take the -at family spelling test.

Please remember to send in gym shoes and snow boots daily! All of this snow has been too wet so we have not made it outside yet but I am sure will will next week.

Looking forward to a “normal” school week next week!

Stay warm and safe this weekend <3

Quick Updates!

Lots of questions coming in my email…

Spelling test will be pushed back a week. We were so busy at school last week we didn’t get to practice spelling words as much as I would have liked so I am moving the test to the following Friday. Spelling test 1 will be on January 26th.

Reminder to send in snow boots AND gym shoes each day! We don’t want snow and salt all over our floors since we use Montessori rugs and work on them.

Please sign the report card envelope and send back into school tomorrow so I know who saw it!

Enjoy the extra pj and snuggle day with your child!