Have a Great Summer!

It has been a great year in Kindergarten. You all should be so PROUD of your children. They made some amazing memories and learned a ton!

Thank you for all the sweet notes and support throughout the year as well.

Report cards and the last of the stuff came home today.

You know how to email me if you need anything 🙂



Reminder to arrive early for Celebration tonight! You will go in our dismissal doors and to the gym which is to the left. The students will stay with me in the hallway and you can grab seats in the gym.

*Use parking lot across the street and down by Michael Berry Career Center if needed

We will start promptly at 5:30 pm

*Dress students nicely for pictures

*NO cap and gowns!

Quick Updates!

These last few weeks have flown by! Here are some quick notes:

Monday is galaXy day! Your child may bring a small pillow, small blanket, and small stuffed animal. We will dress in pjs like the rest of the school as well. It will be our day to learn about space and pretend camping. (Please send the blanket, pillow and stuffed animal in a garbage bag. That is the easiest way for them to carry it and bring it back home)

For celebration Monday night—-Please arrive early! Parking will be more difficult. You can use the lot across the street or park down by the Michael Berry Center. Remember to dress up (no cap and gowns). We will start promptly at 5:30 🙂

Fathers day projects will come home today in a manila envelope! I told the kids to hide them until Sunday, June 18th.

Our school is doing one school one book again this summer! Each student will receive a Summer According to Humphrey today! Their are also questions to go along with it. Please read the cover page note for directions.

Have a great weekend!