End of Week Updates!

This has been a great week! The students are loving the weather and enjoying our extra recess when we finish all of our daily goals. I am hoping the weather continues to improve so we can get that energy out on the playground.

Over the next few weeks I will need to complete end of the year testing. You will notice the packets have turned into review and they are things the students can do independently without my help. This is to give me time to do the one on one assessments I need to complete. We are continuing with Benchmark Unit 9 (needs and wants) and Eureka math module 5. The end of unit test for eureka math will be on Tuesday, May 16th.

I know with the weather getting nicer and the sun staying out later that it is tricky to continue with night routines and appropriate bed times. At school we are doing so much that it is IMPORTANT that you are making sure your child is in bed at a good time. It can make mornings and days at school easier for them if they are well rested.

Water bottles are a must for the rest of the year! I can’t keep having teaching interrupted for going to get a drink from the fountain. A reusable- refillable water bottle is a must for the classroom. (no disposable bottles please… they spill and then ruin work and papers).

On Monday we begin the “ABC Countdown” to summer! Remember to bring your favorite stuffed animal!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

In folders today!

In folders today you will find an “ABC Countdown to Summer”. We are going to be counting down the last days of school in a fun way. Each letter box has the date and directions below. Please try and participate if you can!

(I will not be able to post blogs to remind about the days… that would get to be too much. Hang the calendar on the fridge so you remember!)