Spelling Tests

Spelling tests get weird the month of April because of all of the days off. This is the schedule:

-en word family test will be Monday, April 10th

-it word family test will be Monday, April 17th.

we will not have words April 18-23rd

other group:

-ou word family test will be Monday, April 10th

-oi word family test will be Monday, April 17th

we will not have words April 18-23rd


This has been a busy week back! We have started Benchmark Unit 8- Weather & Seasons, Eureka math module 5- teen numbers and place value, and nouns! The students are working on their independent work while we have started back with reading and writing groups. Ms. Yassmine and Ms. Jen are working on writing with them in small group and Ms. Emily and I are doing reading. The days seem to fly by with all of the learning that is happening.

Eureka math module 5 has some different things then we have done in the previous modules. Each lesson has something called an “exit ticket”. These are problems that are similar to what we learned and practiced in the lesson. These are ripped out of the manuals and will be sent home at the end of each week. They are not corrected by me because I can not correct them each day. I look over them and make notes at what the students may not understand then use that information in teaching the next days lesson. These papers will be helpful for you because you will be able to see how the lessons are taught and what vocabulary is being used.

Today we dyed easter eggs! (a favorite tradition at my house). It was fun to share with them a tradition for my own kids. Please do NOT eat the hard boiled egg though! We dyed them this morning and they have been out all day long. They would not be good to eat anymore.

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 6th) I have to leave a few minutes early. My youngest has kindergarten round up at our neighborhood school! For the first time I will be on the other side of the round up! (my oldest started during covid). Ms. Emily will be dismissing the students so that I can attend this meeting.

Reminder we have no school this Friday, April 7th. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

Have a great weekend!


Please remember to send in a ziploc bag with a complete change of clothes! We emptied lockers completely and they will need these 🙂

The writing portion of the animal diorama project is due on Monday. This should have been written by your child. One sentence for each section will be good. We will take the information and create nonfiction books from it.

Send in March reading logs (the clover one). I know it will only have a couple filled in but I will attach it to the superhero March one.

I am excited to see their smiley faces on Monday morning! Tell them I miss them! <3 Enjoy the rest of the weekend!