Please remember book bags should be brought to school every day! I use these books each day in reading groups where we are working on reading foundational skills (turning pages, pointing while reading, practicing sight words, and gaining confidence in independently reading).

Each Monday your child should get new books in their book bags (For the group not working with Ms. Jen). If they did not get new books it is because they were missing a book.

Last Friday we had library for the first time. In Kindergarten they are allowed to check out a book but it must stay at school. If you ever see one come home then please send it back to school.

We go outside as long as it is above 20 degrees! Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather (coats, hats, gloves, boots, snowpants if need be). All of these things can be kept in their locker if you would prefer. They are required to get 2 fifteen minute recesses each day. I give 3 usually and they are pretty miserable if they are not dressed appropriately. It looks like we are having fall temperatures from here on out so be prepared 🙂

October calendar is coming home today!

The September calendar (and all the other months) do not have a coloring item for all of the days in a month. I understand that life happens and kids have after school things going on. It has 20 days worth and I think that is a reasonable expectation that your child is reading that much at home. I forgot pizza hut does not have a coupon for September. They do not begin until October! OOOps! Sorry!

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